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I have forgotten my password.
Following is the process for retrieving your password: 1- Go to 2- Click on the "Member" link at the top 3- Click on "Help! I don't remember my password" 4- On the fol...
How do I register to use the ACTG Member website?
In order to process a request for staffing updates and any ACTG website access we will need you to complete the Directory Update Form for all individuals, which can be found here:https://www.actgnetwo...
What kind of information does the Member website feature?
The ACTG Member website provides central access to comprehensive network information and documents divided into the following categories: People, Studies, Committees, Publications, Reports, Sites, and...
Who can access the Member site?
Access to the ACTG Member site is restricted to persons and organizations affiliated to the ACTG. 
When is the next ACTG Network Meeting?
Please refer to Meeting Information of the ACTG website homepage.
When are AIDS/HIV related conferences taking place?
Please refer the the 2019 Upcoming HIV/AIDS Conferences page on the ACTG website. Please Note that these are non-ACTG conferences. You will need to contact the hosting organization for additional inf...
Where can I find current HIV related news stories?
Please refer the HIV in the News page on our website.
ACTG in Social Media
The ACTG has several social media channels.  Please find us, follow us, like us...   Follow the ACTG on Facebook   Follow the ACTG on YouTube   Follow the ACTG...
I am interested in participating in an ACTG Study.
Thank you for your interest. The ACTG has numerous resources available on our website to help answer your questions. To learn more about the trial participation process please visit the About th...
I am interested in collaborating with the ACTG.
Thank you for your interest. The ACTG has numerous resources available on our Public website to help answer your questions. Please refer to the following page for detailed information regarding ...
Does the ACTG offer internships?
Our network as an entity does not fund any summer internships for students. You would need to contact individual institutions affiliated with the network to determine whether they have any available...
Are there any related job opportunites?
Please refer to the Job Opportunities page on our website for the most current information that we have. Please note that posted positions may no longer be available.
Please click the following link for information regarding the International Maternal Pediatric Adolescent AIDS Clinical Trials Group (IMPAACT).
Why won't Documents Download in Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)?
We have discovered that some users with IE 8 are having errors when trying to download files and documents. These errors will occur if IE 8 users have their browser settings set to not allow cookies. ...

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